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Spare Parts, Modernization and Technical Support - Schenck Taiwan in China

We at Schenck RoTec understand the necessity without ignoring the cost aspect. We know all the details of your machine and can recommend solutions that will bring your equipment to the latest standard quickly and efficiently. From the simplest to the most complex task, we have an upgrade package that will meet your requirements.

On-line support
Our service technicians operate with PCs - something that is made possible by our IT-supported measurement techniques.

Establish an on-line connection between our Help Desk and your measuring system by LAN or modem. Your operating or service personnel can be guided by a knowledgeable specialist. Questions and problems that arise can be clarified directly at the measuring unit.

At the same time we give you tips for optimum operation and fault elimination. Software updates and upgrades are carried out in a short time, without having our software specialist visit you on site.

Informed, and how!
Your operating and maintenance personnel can also obtain concrete tips by phone.
So, when you need answers: call the Schenck RoTec service Help Desk:

Phone: +49 6151 / 32 3083
Fax: +49 6151 / 32 3081
e-mail: service.rotec@schenck.net
Fast spare parts supply
Important spare parts are always carried by the Schenck RoTec service technician. In addition, we offer you a fast spare parts supply service. The range and quantity of advance stocks and well-prepared logistics of our spare parts service ensure the fast and long-term supply of parts. Our service technicians take care of expert installation and correct operation. 

Repairs protect your budget
Exchange of parts or components is not always necessary. In many cases it is possible to repair worn or defective parts. Our in-house repair service ensures that the repaired parts have a quality standard that corresponds to that of a new part. As a rule the repairs cost no more than half the cost of the original part. This protects your maintenance budget and is faster, in the case of special parts, than manufacturing a complete new part.

Covering repair times
A wide range of measuring instruments and machines is available for rental for covering periods when your own machine or instrument might be out of action for repair work. In addition, we will be able to balance almost any rotor for you – in whatever quantity you may require to maintain your production.

Modernization provides new solutions
Is your machine ready for all future tasks? Can you fulfil the requirements of increasing production and quality? Are you prepared for additional legal safety requirements? Consider upgrading your machine with up-to-date components as an alternative to investment in a new system.
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