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Everything from a single source – a removal service by the expert: Relocation of balancing equipment - Schenck Taiwan in China

  • Preliminary check of the machine(s) with a corresponding report (if required)
  • Dismantling, transport, reassembly and certified re-commissioning
  • Preparation and modernisation of the machine (if required)
  • Handling of your balancing work during the removal
  • Checklist on the relocation as documentation
  • Test certificate on the re-commissioning of the machine
A balancing machine or diagnostic system is the intelligent combination of perfect mechanics, precision electronics and functional software. You need someone who knows your machine inside out, if you want to have it relocated quickly, expertly and cost-effectively.

Schenck RoTec service experts know all the fine points of balancing and diagnostics “inside out“, figuratively speaking. Practical knowledge and experience, information and regular further training are a matter of course for our service technicians.
We are the experts when it comes to relocating your balancing machine! Our international service team will assist you in the proper relocation of your machines – wherever the destination. Whether from A to B at an existing location, or from one location to another, with every service from a single source.

Our removal service covers all types of balancing machines – manual and automated – as well as assembly lines and other machines.

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